In Charge of the Large

003: Enter Sunset

Aug 13 2016 06:31 pm
Jar lids are cool.
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From the Author
FerreTrip Aug 13 2016 06:38 pm
Okay, funny story. Originally, the genie's name was going to be Obsidian, and his skin was going to be charcoal black. However, since he's sorta orcish, he's got that big lip, and it was going to be a different color than the rest of him to emphasize it, because big lips are silly. Hopefully, you can see where this was unintentionally going.

Had to think a while to get his current scheme. I couldn't do blue, that'd be Disney Genie. I couldn't do green, he's beefy so it would be Hulk. I couldn't do pink, that'd be Majin Buu. I didn't want to do purple because Autumn wears purple, I didn't want yellow because there's enough with Autumn's gold (and the throne, when we have scenes with both in there), and I wanted to avoid red because I'm planning on making another buff supernatural character who's red. I thought orange, why not, and after playing a bit, I decided to make him raspberry, a favorite color of mine, and made his scheme a sunset one.

This comic was only supposed to take like two hours but it took all day ;w;
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